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Eastlake Youth Basketball

One of the best things about the game of basketball is that it is a team sport. If you want to win games you are going to have to do your part, but your teammates are also going to have to do theirs. For this reason, great bonds can be formed through the game of basketball. This holds true when players form friendships as well as coaches. The bottom line is that there is no better way to make friends than through sports; especially the game of basketball.

The reason that basketball brings people together is because they have to work with one another on the court. And over time as you work with somebody on the court, you will become closer to them in other areas of your life as well. And this does not just hold true for younger kids that are playing the game of basketball. Even grown men who play in the NBA make a lot of life long friends through the game of basketball. With basketball you do not have to be a certain age to make friends. As long as you are open to meeting new people the sky is the limit. You can make friends with both your teammates and your coaches. And in many cases these are people that you will remain friends with the rest of your life.

Overall, friendship and basketball go together nicely with one another. There is no other game on the face of the earth that helps bring people together like basketball.

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