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East Bernard Youth Basketball

This basketball defensive skill drill will help you lock down your opponents and avoid becoming a permanent bench warmer for your team. Keep reading to get instant access to more basketball power exercises just like this one.

Coaches actually care more about defense than offense and that's why doing some basketball defensive skill drills like this one will always help your game

The best defense will be able to stop the other team's star players dead in their tracks. There are basketball defensive skill drills that will allow you to do this without blocking all their shots or constantly stealing the basketball away from them.

By being able to force them into doing low percentage, tough shots will serve the same purpose.

The secret to a defensive skill drill like this is making sure you make it extremely hard for your opponent to get a shot. Wear him out and make him tired.

Of course, all of this is only possible if you always stay in front of your opponent.

How To Predict What Your Basketball Opponent Is Going To Do

Your opponent can only ever go where their abs will take them so it's imperative to keep a close eye on their abs.

Don't be lazy on the court. You need to play defense with more than your hands. You need to move your feet as well.

Steal The Ball When It's Moving The Slowest

The basketball is always moving slowest when it is on the up bounce and this is also the time when your opponent has the least control.

When defending make sure you get as wide and as low as you can. This will give you max ability to stay in front of your defender.

By practicing these defensive skill drills you will instantly see improvements in your defense and the defense of your team.

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