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Donalson Little League Baseball

The Braves win the National League East division every year. With the Phillies and Mets being teams notorious for choking, is there any reason to believe these Braves should not repeat again? No.

It is not only that these Braves win games, but they win their backers money. A lot of money. Over the past 4 seasons, their backers have won 57 units. They are the best kept secret in baseball betting. Particularly impressive is their record against left-handed pitching. Much is said about the lack of offense for these Braves but when they go up against left-handed pitching, they have an average margin of victory of 0.8 runs over the past 7 seasons.

I always take these Braves against left-handed pitching and there is no reason to see this trend of theirs stop in the 2006 season. As a favorites Off of a loss against left handed pitching, these Braves win by an average margin of more than 1 run. They are undevalued by 30 points in these situations! Instead of being -130, they should be -160.

One thing I found interesting was their poor Interleague record. Especially at home where interleague teams are supposed to have an edge. This highlights the importance of their pitching staff. Since they do not have the necessary scouting reports on the opponents hitters in Interleague games, their pitching advantage is minimized.

Look to bet against the Braves against American League squads and for them against lefties. Good luck in 2006.

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