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District 17 Little League Baseball

There are many new players starting in spring training this year. Bringing new players is always exciting for the team, the league, and the fans. Fans who go to spring training enjoy seeing new talent and are impressed by someone who is new and has never played on the majors before. Many people who follow college baseball are excited to see a player that they liked in the major leagues. It is fun to watch the players practice and learn how to play baseball as a team.

New players have a challenge in front of them. Along with making new friends and moving to another part of the country, they have to learn how a new coach works the team. Some coaches are player favorites, some are not. Having a great coach in college does not mean the same in the majors.

During spring training, new players are expected to perform. They are assigned positions based on their experience and skill levels. There may be two or three people who can pitch, but one only one will be chosen and the others will be back ups. This goes for the rest of the positions. For older players, who are established, their positions might not change that much unless they have been injured or are getting older and cannot play certain positions as well anymore. This is the time for a new player to shine.

Taking over someone else’s position can be frightening at first, but once the player has expressed his worth to the team, the stress disappears. New players should have fun and learn as much as they can during spring training. The months following spring training are tiresome. Traveling, playing games at different hours, sometimes two a day, can exhaust a player. But the joy of the game, the screaming fans, and the coaches, make the stress all worthwhile.

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