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Dallas Youth Basketball

Best: Grizzlies @ Kings: Memphis was the 3rd best team in the West for a bit. But since Damon Stoudemire went down they’ve fallen to the lower seeds in the West. The Kings still have a losing record with Artest thanks to some bad road losses. A quality team like Memphis would be a good team to beat. Will they do it? We think so but only because they are at home. Predicted Score: Sacramento wins 98-94 in a close one.

Runner-up: Lakers @ Mavericks: Kobe against Dallas again. It really doesn’t matter how much the Mavs defense has improved, not when they can’t stop the Lakers. They’ve already lost the season-series to LA, but the least they can do is win here. The team is just average but Kobe is great. Double, triple-team Kobe and you win. Dallas will do this and will win. Predicted Score: Dallas wins comfortably 103-96.

Blowout: Pistons @ Hawks: Detroit has 7 losses. If they have even an iota at getting 70, they’ll have to go on a gigantic winning streak. The 95-96 Bulls had an 18-game win streak. The Pistons need something like that and a win in Atlanta should be a nice start. Predicted Score: Detroit wins 88-72 in a route.

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