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Clippers Youth Summer Basketball Camps

Choosing the best summer camp for your child can be quite confusing, especially with so many of them around. Donít know where to start? Hereís a quick guide.

Traditional summer camps usually conduct customary activities include hiking, swimming, arts and crafts, and peer bonding. However, there also are other summer camps, like sports camps, that are targeted for those children who would like to enhance or show off their sports skills and abilities. There also are Christian summer camps that are focused on developing your childrenís spirituality. Choose which among these would be most interesting for your child.

Compare the brochures and websites of the summer camps you have in mind before you decide on one. List the facilities of each, and assess which has the best features. If it is possible for you to go to the summer camp yourself before you bring your child there, even better. You will get to see for yourself if they have enough facilities to keep your kid busy, and most importantly, if they have a working clinic.

Summer camps last about two to eight weeks, and you usually decide how long your child can stay. Full-season camps that last about seven to nine weeks will range from $3,000 to $9,000. If you would rather have your child try it out first, there are camps that offer one-week trial sessions that range from $400 to $2,000. Two-week sessions cost anywhere from $800 to about $4,000. Four weeks will cost from $1,500 to $6,000.

For most youngsters, summer camps mean fun, friends, outdoors, and activities. It also means independence from parents for at least a few weeks, and a chance to get to know new people. But some children can get nervous about the idea of living away from their parents and with strangers. So before sending your child to camp, be sure to must talk to him first and assure him that summer camp is nothing to be afraid of.

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