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Clarkstown Youth Soccer Team

Whether you are going for soccer tryout for a young soccer time at high school level or at higher levels, you must keep in mind certain rules associated with the same in order to get the best result.

  • Is The Tam A Perfect Fit For You?

  • The first and foremost thing for you is to decide whether the team you are thinking to make is a perfect fit for you. For example, if you are trying to make a place in an older league, you will have to make some serious efforts in order to determine whether the team suits your requirement.

    More importantly, whatever the case is, it is always important to agree and honor the philosophies of your coach. Concisely, we can say that before you go ahead and tryout for the specific team, it is always prudent to get yourself tried out by the team.

  • Preparation For The Big Day

  • Once you decide which team best fits you and you get ready to play with them, for them, now the next task is to get preparation for the big day. As a player, you should always keep in mind that at the end of the day it is your performance based on which the coaches will take judgment about you.

    No coach will look at your personality all they will see is your performance and overall soccer skills, such as how fast and strong you are, how good you are at passing the ball, is there accuracy in your shooting of ball, are you a good offensive player or a better defensive player, and other things like that.

    Thus, if you want to make a place in the team, you must be ready to deliver the performance and let them appreciate your soccer skills.

  • Working Out For Tryout

  • Now that you know it is the performance that counts in tryouts, you will have to work hard to be in top shape and to enhance your speed and endurance. You can start with practicing doing eight to ten hundred yard sprints in a row.

    You should continue with the same at least four-times in a week - in the month preceding the big day. In order to ensure good endurance, you must be capable enough to run at least three miles in twenty-five minutes or much less.

    Last, but not the least, it is very important for a player like you to have a positive attitude for the soccer tryout.

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