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Catalina Little League Baseball

Catalina’s breathtaking views and isolated location makes it a lover’s paradise. In fact, many people not only choose to escape for a weekend of bliss on Catalina’s pristine shores, but many choose to exchange their wedding vows on the island. In addition, Catalina is also the perfect place to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. No matter what the romantic occasion, you’ll find that Catalina is the perfect locale for all of your romantic endeavors.

If you are seeking the perfect engagement package, you may want to consider the Santa Catalina Island Company’s Romance Package. The package includes hotel reservations at the Pavilion Lodge and round trip transportation aboard the Catalina Express. The Catalina Island Country Club is the perfect environment to ask the question. Situated adjacent to the beach. You’ll receive first class treatment at the Pavilion Lodge. Upon your arrival, you’ll find chocolates and champagne are delivered to your room. In addition, you may request a luxurious couples massage to ensure that your stay is relaxing as well as romantic.

There may not be anything more romantic then being married on a gorgeous island, and Catalina offers several choices for those who wish to have their ceremony on The Island of Romance. From professional photographers to entire wedding packages, creating the wedding of your dreams is simple when you use one of Catalina’s wedding services.

Avalon Magical Melodies and Weddings offers a number of wedding packages ranging from $175.00 to over $17,000. No matter what your wedding dreams are or the amount of guests you would like, Avalon Magical Melodies and Weddings can help make those dreams come true. As a member of the Catalina Wedding Association, Avalon Magical Melodies and Weddings have the connections to ensure that your wedding is performed to your exact specifications.

The Casino Descanso Beach Country Club offers several wedding packages. You can choose to have your wedding in the country club, the casino, or outside on Descanso Beach. The newly renovated casino ensures that your wedding is performed in grand luxury and elegant style.

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