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Carlos Zambrano

One of the best pitchers in the league this season has been Carlos Zambrano of the Chicago Cubs. Even without great run support, Zambrano has been able to get the job done time and time again. This is saying a lot for a guy that is pitching for a team that has been out of the playoff race for quite a few months.

At only 25 years old Zambrano is one of the best up and coming pitchers in the league. He stands at 6 5 and weighs in at 255 pounds. It is safe to say that this helps him a lot when on the mound. Not only does his size give him more power, but it also allows him to last longer into the game as well.Zambrano currently has a record of 14-5; the best in the National League. In addition he has an ERA of 3.31 to go along with 180 strikeouts. All of this adds up to Zambrano being one of the best pitchers in the league. When Cy Young voting comes around at the end of the season Zambrano will probably get a lot of consideration; especially if he can keep up at the pace he is going at.

Zambrano is one of the young guns in the game of baseball. Being that he is only 25 years old, Zambrano will be around for quite a bit longer. This is good news for the Chicago Cubs and their fans; that being if they can sign him long term.

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