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Blue Spings Little League Baseball

One of the best pitchers in the American League is Toronto Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay. He is shown his power and poise this season, and is definitely a front runner to take home the Cy Young award when the season finishes up in another month or so.

When Halladay takes the mound for the Blue Jays they expect to win. This may seem like a lot of pressure on one player, but Halladay has been able to withstand the heat no matter what is thrown at him. At this point in the season Halladay is leading the entire league in wins with 16. And to go along with this he has only lost 4 games; talk about a top notch winning percentage. Halladay also has an ERA of 3.12, and has tallied 111 strikeouts. He has done all of this while only walking 26 batters; this makes him one of the most accurate pitchers in the game of baseball.

The Blue Jays are 7 games out of the wild card race with a month or so to go in the season. It is going to be tough for them to make up this much ground, but if they can get Halladay on the mound as much as possible they are giving themselves a great chance to win.

It will be interesting to see if Halladay can come up with four wins to become a 20 game winner. This will not be easy to do, but if any pitcher in the league is capable it is Roy Halladay.

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