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Basketball Youth Program Alexandria La

Alexandria Bay Ny, a village in the Jefferson County, New York, is a fine destination to consider when it is time to plan a vacation or travel. Situated amidst the Islands (almost 1800 in number) Alexandria Bay Ny falls in the town of Alexandria. Having many attractions in its lap, this small village is a fantastic spot for tourists. The water of St Lawrence River graces the ambience of this place. Voted as one of the top fishing locations, Alexandria Bay has enough of resources for the visitors to indulge in various delighting adventures such as swimming, boating or scuba diving. Abundance of golf courses in and around the place constitutes the sporty circumference. It is a perfect spot for wedding ceremony too.

Boldt Castle on Heart Island, Singer castle and several other attractive Islands constitute the Alexandria Bay Attraction. Reaching Alexandria Bay is also not a problem. Tourists can board in a flight on any of the several airports that are close by the Alexandria bay map. Watertown International airport (ART) and he Ogdensburg International airport (OGS) are some to name. Though the climate changes according to the places, it remains favorable for the visitors. Occasional snows fall also excites the visitors a lot. The temperature varies according to the locations.

As for culture and festivals, this city is rich in holding different festivals round the year. Many ethnic festivals are held by the co-sponsors and Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities. Food, art and crafts pervades in the cultural festivals. Some of the popular venues were festivals are organized are: Market Square, 301 King Street in Old.