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Basketball Youth Program 3839 Spencer Alexandria

A city in Commonwealth Virginia, Alexandria is an independent city with a population of more than 128,284. Located on the west bank of Potomac River, it is a beautiful place which attracts a heavy crowd of visitors. It is only six miles from downtown Washington D.C. Modern Alexandria’s infrastructure and development has got a shape that resembles other Northern Virginia cities and the capital. Mostly populated by professionals, the Alexandria city is a center of Federal Civil Service, U.S military and several other private establishments.

Numerous associations, charities and non-profit organizations have chosen this city to establish their headquarters. Groups like Salvation Army exist here to grace the city with a disciplinary look and feel. City of Alexandria is divided into two parts, old and new. Old Alexandria is the historic center and catches the eyes of tourists from all across the globe. Nightlife seekers can definitely look forward to this city. Alexandria nightlife is superb! The neighborhoods of Alexandria are high income suburbs.

As a tourist you have some famous landmarks in the city where you can visit. George Washington Masonic National Memorial which is also famous as Masonic Temple is one of the popular spots of tourists. Several other names like Gadsby's Tavern, Market Square, Torpedo Factory art studio complex, Robert E. Lee's boyhood home and Virginia Theological Seminary are in the list of attractions in and around the city.