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Basketball Youth European Championships

The Pre-Olympic trial games and competitions are underway this summer for a secure spot in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. This summer’s women’s basketball competitions: Eurobasket 2007, America Women’s Championships 2007, Asia Women’s Championships and African Championship.

This year’s top anticipated Eurobasket 2007 Women’s Championship will be hosted in last Eurobasket Champion Italy. The games will be held in Chieti, Lanciano, Ortona and Vasto, Italy throughout September 24-October 7. This summer Chieti, Italy has hosted Teromsteps U16 European Championships, Women’s Division B, July 27-August 5th. So they are well prepared for the ton of spectators, teams, agents and players expected at the tournament. The arena and area which the main and final games are played will be in Chieti. Opening ceremony at the Eurobasket Women’s Championships are always filled with fun before the seriousness of a bid to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

Lodging and accommodation for the championships have been allotted for players, referees and members of the press. The recommended locations for lodging are: (check the one website and get affiliate links to travelnow or check to make sure they exist). Chieti, Italy located in (where), is a top destination for (what).

Coverage of the competitions will be exclusively covered for international users on top and leading website for women’s basketball news, Women’s Basketball Buzz ( Correspondent Leslie C. will be writing directly from Italy and reporting back results as they happen. Be sure to download the WBBUZZ toolbar for updates about results at the 2007 Eurobasket Women’s Championship in Italy.

All visitors are welcomed to comment and send news, photos, reports about anything new with the competitions. As women´s basketball is peaking worldwide it is important for everyone to know how it is going in every country, especially counting towards the start of the Beijing Olympics 2008. WBUZZ acknowledges fans alike.

Sylita Thomas is a reporter and senior writer for Eurobasket Women 2007 which is a leading source of womens basketball news, basketball forums, basketball gossip and more. Join the website to view updated news everyday!