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Texas Hold'em Poker

The number of youth gamblers is on the rise. Why is this?

Poker is a game that is really more of just a GAME.

It is an extremely competitive ground for players to prove themselves DAILY, hourly.

Online Texas Hold'em Poker is one of the most easiest games to access.

There is millions of players waiting online to play every minute of the day.There are many real money players, and many play money players.

Most players start out checking everything out under the websites play money site. This is how it is legal for these poker rooms to advertise online.

They say it is FREE to play. It is free, but if you want to play for real money then you have to put up the stake.

This is where an addicted community comes into play.

This community has created Poker Professionals, myself included that are making a living off this online poker craze.

The professionals feed off of the "fish" that see TV commercials online and come to give it a try. Most go to bed with no money left from their deposit and a bad attitude.

Poker professionals come with large bankrolls and are there to handle the swings.

My advice to newcomers to the game is to learn all the ropes of the game. Learn about the hand rankings, probability, and how to correctly read players.

This is the only way that in the long run you will win playing Texas Hold'em Online.

Sean Moranse is a professional poker player. He has won numerous major tournaments. He was named as one of the Top Ten Online best players by Poker Rankings Online, the authority in online poker rankings. He has compiled an award winning poker course that is available at