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Baseball Quizes For Little League

It was in the year 1898 that Thomas Edison produced the first baseball movie ever made. He also featured two amateur New Jersey ball clubs that played their hearts out in a nine inning game.

"Right off the Bat" was the first actual baseball movie featured in the year 1915. Since then, as many as 250 baseball movies have been released in America.

Are you among those who love both, baseball and movies? If you do not get time for both, you can watch some baseball movies. Here is a list of the top baseball movies. Let me start with the movie on number 3.

Long Gone:
This short movie was made over twenty years ago. Virginia Madsen, William Petersen, and Dermot Mulroney who acted in this movie were not very well known at that time. But, today, everyone is aware of these famous personalities."Long Gone" is the most authentic snapshot that was ever taken about the Minor Leagues. This movie looks into the heart of Petersen's character, Stud Cantrell, who headed for a great Major League career till he took a blast of shrapnel to his knee in World War II. It is worth watching.

Bull Durham:
"Bull Durham" has portrayed the game very well, both on and off the field. It conveys the message that baseball is a great game but it is just a game.In this movie, Costner is at his best as a veteran catcher. Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon have also acted really well. This movie was written and directed by former minor league baseball player Ron Shelton.

The Natural:
This sentimental movie was successful in dividing peoplesí views. It reflects the flaws in the economic and gambling systems that often plot to corrupt the game. "The Natural" is based on a novel by Bernard Malamud and features Robert Redford, Kim Basinger, Robert Duvall, Michael Madsen and the late Darrin McGavin. It is, no doubt, on number one.

These are the three 'Best Baseball Movies' of all time. Hope you have a great time watching them.

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