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Arizona Youth Soccer

You are probably reading this because you are interested in coaching soccer lessons. Well, you have reached the right place. Here, I am going to present some important factors when you are considering individual soccer lessons.

  • Concentrated Format

  • Every coach must keep in mind this important thing, while teaching individual soccer lessons. He should keep the session in a concentrated format. By concentrated format, I mean you must be brief but clear in your instructions.

    One to one soccer coaching proves very helpful, especially for Soccer players between the ages of 8-14. If you teach them technical ball skills in a nurturing 1 on 1 environment, they are very much likely to benefit more.

  • The One Hour Session

  • The session must be in a concentrated fo0rmat, but make sure that you are dedicating the sessionís attention to your student for approximately one hour.

  • Specific Lesson

  • Each session must include a specific lesson. Furthermore, it is important for the coaches to make these sessions tailor-made for the individual.

    To start with, the coaches may focus on the skill sets, such as Ball control, passing and receiving, dribbling, shooting, defending, balance and coordination.

    After a few such sessions, once you find that the players have developed a strong grasp of these skill sets, continue to the more advanced focus. The more advanced focus may include specific skill sets, such as Juggling, dribbling moves, finishing, plyometric strength training, and heading.

  • Written Player Evaluation

  • A written player evaluation is very important to keep a watch on the individual playerís progress. An expert coach always completes a written player evaluation.

    What is more, it is not enough to complete this progress report, but it is equally important5 for the coaches to mail this written player evaluation to the students so that they could get an idea with the statistics that how impressive are their skills.

    Last, but not the least, it is also a great idea if the coaches give the student a "take-home" skill assignment. The coaches must design these assignments for the Soccer lesson with the player's improvement in mind.

    Andre Botelho is a recognized authority on the subject of soccer lessons.
    His web site, Teaching Youth Soccer Training Drills, provides a wealth of informative soccer articles,
    resources and tips for soccer coaches, parents and players.