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American Youth Football

The football game is commonly known as ‘Association Football’ around the World. This name, however, means a lot to various countries. The terminology used by Americans is ‘American Football’.

In America, the football started with the variation of the game 'Rugby'. It is believed that the first game that was played in North America was based on ‘Soccer’ rules and it was played between 'Princeton' and 'Rutgers', however, it is widely known that this game in America was started with rugby not soccer.

After two years another modern game was reported to be played by 'McGill University' and 'Harvard University'. After this, it became easy to adopt the football as rugby type game. These universities later adopted most of 'Rugby Union' football rules that time. That was the time American football was usually called as 'Rugby' there.

No matter how interesting the game is, it always has some pros and cons with it and American football has it too. When people started to play American football, a lot of serious injuries were observed that time. This resulted a Ban on this game in America for a long time. Universities tried to gradually change the rules so that game could be played with much more safety, but number of demises did not decrease and reached to 33 in number.

These incidents however were reduced in forthcoming years. Football, today is commonly known as 'Association Football' which describes a common term for football. The governing body for football is 'FIFA' which organises a 'World Cup' every four years.

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