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Adams Youth Dazzle Football Pants - Slotted

In this article I’d like to discuss the evolution of the modern football uniform. For purposes of this discussion we will be talking about collegiate and high school level uniforms although the same issues apply to all levels, from youth league through professional. Also, we will be discussing apparel only, not equipment (helmets, pads, etc.).

Today’s football uniforms are remarkably different than those from just 5 or 10 years ago. Watch a “classic” college game on ESPN from the 90’s and compare the uniforms to those worn by today’s collegiate players. The plain blue jersey with white numbers and plain white pants made famous by schools like Penn State are often now replaced by the following…

  • Functional, more comfortable fabrics.
  • Full length jerseys that tuck into the pants.
  • Tapered, form fitting patterns.
  • “Lineman’s Cut” jerseys that “hug” the body and arms.
  • Contrasting side and/or shoulder inserts.
  • Matching inserts on the pants.
  • Choice of sleeve length with or without rib cuffs.
  • Multi-color graphics, numbers, and neck plackets.

Today’s Typical Custom-Made Football Uniform

    • Heavy-duty nylon mesh jersey with a 2-ply yoke constructed of heavyweight “Dazzle” or another durable fabric.
    • Often, Lycra side inserts on both sides that are tapered to fit the body.
    • Matching pants almost always constructed of Lycra as well, often with side inserts to match the jersey.

A reputable, American manufacturer should be able to customize uniforms to the customer’s needs in regards to fabrics, colors and options.

The decoration of football uniforms has also been modernized. Regulations require that numbers, of a certain size, be applied to the front and back but the rest is up to the customer. Team name, player’s name, shoulder or “TV” numbers, sleeve stripes as well as sewn-on neck plackets are often added to the jerseys. Pants are generally decorated on the upper left or right leg.

Decorating Football Uniforms A quality manufacturer should offer in-house capabilities for screen-printing (ink), tackletwill (sewn-on) and sublimation (dyed-in). There are advantages and disadvantages to each process…


  • Most traditional printing method.
  • Usually the least expensive of the 3 printing methods.
  • Can construct an attractive, functional football jersey that will last for years.
  • Very durable but will not last forever. If done correctly, it will maintain its appearance for years but expect it to deteriorate at some point.
  • Another drawback is that lycra (as used in the pants) cannot effectively be screen-printed.


  • A relatively expensive, yet extremely durable, method of decoration.
  • Heavyweight, polyester twill material that is cut and sewn directly on to the garments.
  • If done properly, it should last as long as the garment itself.
  • Perfect for large applications, such as numbers, but is usually combined with a small embroidered team name for jerseys. The embroidery works well on the pants as well since Lycra embroiders nicely. Embroidery is also often used to produce a letter of logo inside of a sewn-on neck placket.
  • A professional football uniform manufacturer should be able to provide laser-cut tackletwill in addition to computerized embroidery services.


  • All lettering, graphics and numbering are dyed directly into the material.
  • The cost is usually in between screen-printing and tackletwill and you can generally have an unlimited amount of lettering/numbering applied at no additional cost.
  • Since everything is dyed directly into the material, the decoration will last as long as the fabric itself.
  • Relatively new technology for football uniforms but should become quite popular because of its durability, attractiveness, value and comfort due to the light weight of the graphics.
  • Although a new technology, any reputable uniform manufacturer should now be able to offer this.

In summary, football uniforms have gradually become as fashionable as those from other sports such as basketball, soccer, etc. With the proper selection of style, fabric and decoration today’s football uniform purchaser can construct a custom-made football uniform that will be appreciated by the players and at a reasonable cost to the buyer.

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