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1996 United States Mens Olympic Swimming Team

For the Olympic Track and Field Competition the United States always faces challenges from other very competitive nations. Track and Field in Olympic History mean a lot for the United States and they show a sign of strength and honor of the individual. Generally the United States does quite well, as we have regions of our nation with year round outdoor training weather.

One critical factor in track is form and pace, both of which must be mastered to be competitive. As a college track athlete and 4-minute miler, I can vouch for the fact that it is paramount that our Olympic Athletes have the best coaches and training to master these skills. An Olympic Athlete who is in search of the top of the podium and gold medal must train all year around and coaches are expensive.

I propose using Holographic Technologies, which are getting closer to becoming reality to help train our track and field athletes by projecting runners to help establish the right pace to meet the goals of the workouts. Additionally holographic athletes can provide training to help with running form as they are projected to run around the track while the runner matches their pace and form. To do this I propose that a track with a base for the Holographic projection is used to propel the device. Think on this.

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